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Storage / Management


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Document Storage Facility

Record Center


Diversified Record Management’s storage facility is designed for state-of-the-art records storage and management. Our building has:


• Fire-resistant construction

• Monitored security systems with controlled access

• Video surveillance

• Fire protection systems  

• Location outside of all areas designated as flood plains.

 • Full time on site staff


File Management


DRM offers barcode tracking at the box, file or document level. We can individually barcode and index down to each file, keeping a complete inventory history on those files. The same barcode is used during the entire life of the box, file or document. This file tracking service makes management of your records simple and cost-efficient.

We will tract when the documents need to be destroyed and send a list of those records for your approval then shred them on site.



Another major aspect of records management is accessibility. If your records are 100% secure, but not available to you and your business, it is of no use. Your documents and records can be easily requested and delivered from DRM by phone, email or over the Internet with any standard web browser. You can place orders for pickup or delivery, track the status of orders, run queries and print reports.

Your documents can be digitally scanned and instantly transmitted, making it easy to meet your needs. The accessibility and control is in your hands, ensuring accurate and complete service, and then the documents are returned to their storage locations.

Effective records management can allow a business to run smoother and allow it to expend its resources in other areas, by trusting their documents and data to trained professionals.

Internet Access


You have secure access to your documents online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to search, post, perform data entry, track files, order for delivery print activity and perform other management tasks. LOGIN HERE to access your documents.


From Paper to Electronic

Document imaging refers to the capture, storage, retrieval and manipulation of electronic images of documents.  While the concept is similar to microfilm technology, electronic document imaging offers capabilities that far surpass film-based techniques.  DRM has partnered with one of the nations most respected document imaging company that can scan your paper records, microfilm, oversize documents or any other data and media you have then convert them to digital images and index them to by saved as .tiff, .jpg, .pdf or other file formats, and store them on a hard drive, CD, DVD other external device or at a off-site secure facility to be accessed over the internet.