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Why use open wastebaskets or recycling bins when Diversified Record Management can provide secure containers for the safeguarding of critical information?


Services We Offer



We securely transfer your documents and other materials, whether stapled, clipped, or bound, to our state-of-the-art facility where we safely destroy them using premium, industrial-grade shredders. We provide certificates of destruction as well as detailed receipts for each service performed, then recycle the waste.

Bin Service

Bin Service

We offer a variety of scheduled shredding services that fit every budget. From bi-weekly, from bi-monthly to bi-monthly plans are available. We offer free secure locking containers for customers with regularly scheduled shredding service needs. In the event that extra destruction bins or consoles are needed, DRM can deliver them during normal business hours within minutes. In an emergency, we are available for after hours call out.


Purge Operations

When the need arises for a one-time year-end or scheduled document, file or container purges we can pick up your boxes and or documents for secure destruction.

If your business does not generate the volume of paper to justify regularly scheduled shredding, we offer one time purge shredding services at competitive prices. From 1 box to 100,000, NO job is too big or too small!

Residential Services

How many shredding companies have told you they don’t do residential customers? At DRM, we are proud to offer our residential and home based business clients a variety of shredding options.

As identity theft reaches all time highs we know how important it is to destroy all those old tax records and check stubs that many people save for years because you are afraid to throw them in the trash for fear someone will steal your identity and ruin your credit.

Media Services

We don’t just do paper we will do CD-ROM, DVD, video, tapes, floppies, X-rays microfiche and other data storage devices. Where it is medical, legal, financial or some other sensitive information you can be confident that your electronic media will be properly destroyed and as with our paper destruction you will receive a notarized certificate of destruction.


recycleDiversified Record Management recycles all paper products once they have been shredded. As a leader in document security and confidential document destruction, DRM offers a secure, cost-effective document collection and shredding process that includes recycling in order to preserve our environment. DRM saves 17 trees for every ton of recycled paper. You help preserve the environment, when you use our services.