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Business Disasters to Avoid

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Risking Injury to Your Employees …

Injury to WorkersThe Bureau of Labor Statistics web site said "sprains and strains was the leading nature of injury in every major industry sector, and accounted for 41% of all workplace injuries".

According to Workers Comp News .com nearly a third of all workplace injuries result in musculoskeletal disorders (back and neck) and often are the result of lifting. "These types of injuries generally result in longer work absences than other on-the-job injuries" they said. "Lifting even small loads (stacks of files, computer paper, boxes, etc.) can lead to injury and can wreak havoc on your back, neck, and shoulders backs are especially vulnerable" Other national statistics show that the most common „over-three-day injury‟ was caused by handling, lifting or carrying. Are you asking your 120 lb. secretary to lift 50 lb. to 70 lb. boxes? You could be at risk for a workman compensation suit! We will do the lifting for you! Call us today at 432-580-STORE (7867)


Data Loss…

According to a University of Texas study, companies that suffered catastrophic data loss found that 43% never reopened and 51% closed within two years. Only 6% survived. Information is the lifeline for any business but the storage and management of business records is a necessary chore that is often a big headache, DRM is here to take your pain away and save you time and money in the process. We can manage your records more economically, efficiently, and professionally than you can yourself, because we make your records our business.

At Diversified Record Management, we not only manage your vital records, we protect them from fire, water and theft on a 24 hour basis. Our state of the art fire protection system does not use water, that can do more harm to records than an actual fire, but fire retardant powder that floods the area and not only extinguishes the fire but leaves a protective coating to prevent flare ups. We are not located even close to a flood zone, and there are no water lines running near the records that could cause damage from an accidental break. No unauthorized access is allowed into the record center with a 24 / 7 security system.


Identity Theft

With over 51% of identity theft happening in the workplace it ranks number one for the over 8 million ID thefts that are accountable for over 45 billion dollars in loss, and that was just last year ! (Better Business Bureau)

At Diversified Record Management only your personally appointed authorized staff will be able to request files or boxes from our facility. We track your documents throughout their life cycle and promptly destroy the information according to your retention schedule. DRM utilizes state-of-the-art barcode technology and file management software to accurately track your records; you decide whether you want a whole file box or just the individual file. Every time one of your boxes is accessed, moved, delivered, and returned to storage, we will know the exact time, date, and person who handled it. This means no more lost files. You completely control access and the life cycle of your confidential records. Don‟t leave piles of documents that have sensitive information next to a shredder for some to destroy when they get a chance, DRM can supply you with locked security bins, free of charge, to be picked up on a regular schedule to be shredded so that you can immediately dispose of that material and the information will not be compromised.

Lawsuits, Fines, Penalties, and Your Reputation

"The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) states that any employer whose action or inaction results in the loss of employee information can be fined by federal and state government, and sued in civil court". It is critically important to address how you manage your confidential information. Today is it imperative that you protect your organization, employees and clients from ever present privacy breaches (which we mentioned over 51% of the time happen in the workplace). Accidental disclosure of business information because it is not stored in a secure, safe environment or not destroyed in a timely manner can be devastating to you on many levels; including but not limited to, heavy fines and penalties, your reputation and business continuity.

Other legislation such as the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" (HIPAA) which address the security and privacy of health data and the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) which covers financial information, not only have heavy fines associated with there noncompliance but criminal penalties that have mandatory jail time.

You may be in violation of your local ordinances, statutes and laws that prohibit the excess storage of documents and records, (fire code) and those boxes of records that are blocking exits could in the case of an emergency cause bodily injury or even death to employees.

How would it affect your business when your company and your name are on the front page of the newspaper and 6 o‟clock news for violation of these laws or because your slack security measures caused sensitive information to be compromised?

Let us help you avoid these business disasters.


About the Author: 

Ted Tuminowski is President of Diversified Record Management. Diversified Record Management is available to meet your storage, retrieval, and records destruction needs. Call today for a FREE Analysis. 432-580-STORE(7867) or visit